Carburisation furnace plant

Annealing furnace plant for large-scale gear wheels for wind power, automotive suppliers and contact heat treatment shops.

Protective gas annealing furnace

Protective gas annealing furnace operating under nitrogen, hydrogen or forming gas so that the loads do not oxidize during heat treatment process.

Quench bath

Quench bath for carburized batches, which are to quench either in oil or polymer mixture

Washing machine

Washing machine for secondary cleaning of quenched components

Salt bath crucibles

Salt bath crucibles which are used for annealing, carburizing, neutral hardening as well as salt bath nitriding.

Impeller wheel

Impeller wheel in steel construction for protective gas annealing furnaces, gas carburising plants, air circulation furnaces as well as gas nitriding furnaces.

Protective gas muffle

Protective gas muffle for the use in continuous furnaces, in which thermochemical and inert processes are running.