During the heat treatment process, some furnace components are directly exposed to thermal influences and are therefore subject to an increased wear.

One of these components, which deserves special attention in the context of maintenance, is the air circulation unit, consisting of the air circulation plug, the ciculation motor mit extended motor shaft and the impeller wheel.

Many of our customers have their air circulation units serviced and overhauled by us at regular intervals. Others contact us when the component shows the first signs of imbalance or wear. Adapted to the design and application, we can offer you an individual solution, regardless of the type of installation and manufacturer (shaft furnace, continuous furnace, chamber furnace etc.).

Today we would like to give you and insight into this repair process, because possibly you and your maintenance team are also weighing up whether there is already a need for action. The required work steps are of course based on the condition of the relevant component and include the following positions, depending on the age and state of the unit:


  • Disassembly of motor and impeller wheel
  • Removal of old isolation and proper disposal
  • Complete sandblasting of the plug
  • Renewal of heat-resistant parts
  • New isolation of the air circulation plug
  • Check of the water cup for leak tightness
  • Assembly of the air circulation unit and static and dynamic balancing as a complete unit
  • Coloring



  • Disassembly of the motor
  • Cleaning and control of the parts
  • Control of the stator winding
  • Wash out, drying and lacquering
  • Clipboard overhaul
  • Control, dismantling and assembly of plug and connection cable
  • Renewal of engine bearings
  • Complete manufacture of the shaft, grooving, pull off and pull on of the package
  • Threading
  • Manufacture and adaption of shaft seal barrel casing
  • Adjustment of fan blades
  • Bushing out of bearing shield side A and side B
  • Complete re-assembly of the motor and check according to VDE
  • Purge of oil pipe


Impeller wheel:

  • Repair by grinding of all weld seams and re-welding
  • Stress relief annealing
  • Sand blasting
  • Static and dynamic balancing


Partly, we keep standard or recurrent necessary spare parts on stock, up to complete motors on agreement with our customers.

Naturally we are happy to provide you with a budget quotation after having determined the actual need for repair.

We are looking forward to your enquiries and always remain at your disposal for technical advice.

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